FARR WEST — Weber County sheriff’s deputies uncovered an identity theft ring while investigating a recent rash of car burglaries.

The group stole a number of items from cars, but was mainly looking for IDs and credit cards, according to deputies.

Five people were arrested Friday in a string of burglaries involving dozens of cars and open garages in Farr West in the area of 4000 N. 2800 West. Heather Bergsjo may be one of the luckier victims.

"When I got in that morning, I just noticed that my coin thing had been pulled out," she said. "Luckily I didn't have anything real personal in the car, but I know a lot of my neighbors probably did, so that's kind of scary to think about."

Weber County Sheriff's Lt. Doug Coleman said there had been "quite a rash of them in northwest Weber County, including some of our small cities to the north here. A lot of unlocked cars and a lot of open garages are quite inviting and that's what happened."

The deputies noticed a trend. "A lot of these false credit card uses started to pop up," Coleman said.

As they investigated those false charges, they were led to a fairly organized ID-theft ring, where runners would steal the information. Inside one home, investigators said they found the makings of a small operation. There was evidence of printing money, checks and of identity theft, Coleman said. Additional arrests were expected.

Deputies say the key lesson for residents should be the need to keep their car doors locked. They said there were no windows broken in this string of burglaries.

Zackery Stockton, 30, was booked for investigation of forgery and identity theft. Hairiee Anne Daniels, 18, Treven Weddel, 19, and Bryan Brinson, 25, were booked for investigation of vehicle burglary. Paige Bihr, 20, was booked for investigation of forgery.

Contributing:  Viviane Vo-Duc

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