Find out more about the Bible Videos app with a handy video tour.

I like apps. A lot. They are becoming more useful and prevalent in this time of mobile Internet usage. I am sometimes just blown away by their helpfulness in making my life run more smoothly. And in church settings, apps can help you study, teach lessons, keep children quiet and so much more. Here are a few new apps you need to know about.

Do you have the “LDS Gospel Library App” on your mobile phone or tablet? If not, this video will showcase exactly how much you are missing. It is such an amazing tool. In fact, as the video concludes, you can use it to make your own personal scripture study topical guide. Wow.

Speaking of scriptures, you also need to download the “Scripture Mastery App,” especially if you have seminary-age, cellphone-using children. This app makes the memorization fun.

I admit that seeing my daughter open the “LDS Music App” during sacrament meeting makes me proud. This is such a helpful app for pretty much anytime. In fact, it plays music, so as long as you have your mobile device, you don’t need a piano. It's useful for camping, family home evening, lessons, small branches and wards of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and the list goes on.

Want more? Then check out the full “All Things Apps” video (of which snippets are spotlighted above) recently released by the Mormon Channel to familiarize yourself with the many amazing apps the church is providing. Find these apps by searching their names in the app store provided on your device.

Finally, are you taking advantage of the Bible Videos App? As Tom Johnson explains, “The Bible Videos mobile app provides a rich, interactive experience where you can navigate 3-D models of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth and Sychar to explore scenes from the life of Jesus Christ. When you select the city, the app zooms in and shows information and videos from the city. Overall, the app provides an exploratory experience, not too unlike a game, that allows you to move at your own pace. There's no specific sequence to follow. By clicking blinking hotspots on the map, you can view and listen to information about that scene. When you see a door, you can click the door to move through the door.” Learn all about it in this handy combo article/video “New Bible Videos App Tour screencast.” Amazing.

Now let’s find other “app”licable news from the past week in the Bloggernacle:

Power pick: You have heard of Eastern Standard Time, Mountain Standard Time or even Mormon Standard Time. But have you heard of “Prophet Standard Time”? That’s what this blogger has coined in describing the speed at which prophets get things done. He cleverly explains: “What is 'Prophet Standard Time?’ It is the speed at which great men get holy things done. Under President Hinckley’s direction, temples were built at the speed of prophets; under President Kimball’s stewardship, investigators were baptized on Prophet Standard Time; President Benson had members moving massive mountains of Books of Mormon, also at the speed of prophets.” So what is happening in Prophet Standard Time under President Monson’s direction? You’ll have to click in to find out.

Techie tip: I thought this idea to “Optimize Your Computer While You’re at Church ... Automatically” was ingenious. This blogger explains: “In many households there’s never a good time to clean up the family computer, because somebody’s ‘always’ on it. Except maybe late at night, and then perhaps it’s shut down to save power or wear. So if you want to have something run automatically, it’s hard to find a time when nobody will be using it. Well, there’s a simple solution in most LDS households: during church. It’s as close to a perfect solution as you’re going to get. Church occurs each week at the same time. Everyone should be at church and away from the computer. And it’s a three-hour block of time. But there’s one problem: you, the go-to computer person in the family, are also at church! That’s where the scheduling comes in. Just schedule the cleanup tasks to run while everyone’s at church.” He then describes some important ways you should be cleaning up your computer to keep it running in tip-top shape. Click in to learn more.

Emily Warburton Jensen loves searching through the LDS blog world for developments and testimonies that best capture the ever-evolving LDS online experience. Email: [email protected]