Alex Boyé and Carmen Rasmusen Herbert collaborate on a new Mormon Helping Hands music video.

Any good: I’ve been waiting and watching to see the final product of Alex Boyé and Carmen Rasmusen Herbert’s collaboration in recording “Have I Done Any Good?” in conjunction with Mormon Helping Hands projects. And it was worth the wait. Enjoy this beautiful musical presentation that highlights the importance of serving our fellowmen.

World map: This blogger has put together a “World Map with LDS Membership Totals: 2011” based on the official LDS Church statistics. You just click on one of the red dots to see how many members are in that country. It’s easy, handy, and informative. Check it out.

Free printables: Find not one, not two, not three, but 10 new free printables from Mormon Mommy Blogs. These printables take for their subject quotes from this last weekend’s Women’s Conference at Brigham Young University. Find sweet sayings such as “Fill Your Mind with Truth” and “The Errand of Angels” and even “I don’t believe in miracles, I rely on them.” Love it!

Christ’s miracles: Speaking of miracles, check out the newest Mormon Messages Bible Video that depicts Jesus Christ’s first recorded miraculous act of service when “Jesus Turns Water into Wine.” I love the moment when the woman at the feast realizes what has occurred. Enjoy.

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