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The Mercury in Pennsylvania highlighted members of the LDS Church who served in their community the weekend of Earth Day.

Mormon volunteers join forces with their local community in an effort to show their faith in Jesus Christ and follow his example of service.

In Murrieta, Calif., members of a stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were planning to work together with the local Catholic and Methodist churches to replenish food supplies at local food banks this Saturday, April 28.

"We would love for this to be one of the biggest food drives the city has ever seen," said Brian Connors, director of public affairs for the Murrieta California Stake. "Our Savior Jesus Christ was the perfect example of loving service. We want to follow his example. As our three faiths join forces in this effort to fight hunger, we feel a real Christian bond."

A newspaper in Newnan, Ga., announced a local day of service on May 5, part of a 14-state “season of service” organized by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. City residents plan to serve families of members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

“The purpose of the Newnan Day of Service project is to help lessen the burden on families who have an absent family member serving in the Armed Forces or one who is disabled as a result of military service,” said Carl Schwarzel, the local LDS Church leader of the service project. “Serving side-by-side, our community can show our appreciation for the selfless sacrifices these families make everyday. We hope many will join us.”

In New Orleans, Relief Society members sewed 200 school bags that they filled with items such as fleece blankets, toothbrushes and coloring books. These bags were then distributed to local agencies that serve needy families.

“We wanted to send a little of our love to the children who received the school bags,” said Martha McKay, public affairs director for the New Orleans Louisiana Stake.

A Pennsylvania newspaper reported on an Earth Day weekend service project organized by members of the LDS Church along with others from the local community. They worked to beautify a park by planting trees and flowers and even creating a new walking path. Many local businesses contributed to the project including Mormons.

Deseret International Charities, an NGO attached to the LDS Church, has also recently donated 8,100 pairs of eyeglasses to the Rwanda Correctional Services. These donations will help prisoners who were unable to read because of eye defects.

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