Eric Betts, Deseret News
Employees from Neerings Plumbing and Heating install new air conditioning units at a South Salt Lake business on April 23, 2012.

SALT LAKE CITY — Unseasonably warm temperatures in recent days have made those working on air condition units very happy.

Businesses and homeowners alike are suddenly aware of their air conditioners, much sooner than heating and cooling companies expected. Business owner David Strong went to turn on his office's air conditioning unit when the workday got warmer than normal recently and discovered the unit wouldn't work.

"We didn't think we'd be looking at air conditioning problems this early," he said.

He's getting new units put in, keeping companies like Neerings Plumbing & Heating swamped.

"(We're getting) a lot of calls with no air conditioning," said owner Troy Neerings. "A lot of people want to get caught up on service that they procrastinated or postponed."

Weather-driven businesses like his welcome the heat, especially because the mild winter affected business. "It's been a warm winter, so the heating season didn't really take off like we hoped, but we're so delighted to see an early warm summer," Neerings said.

Produce growers, too, are happy about the heat. Jack Wilbur, who works his family's orchard, picks a peach blossom from a tree. All their trees are in bloom, including typically late-blooming apple trees. The summer fruits are coming in a couple of weeks early.

"Everything (is blooming): from the apricots and the cherries, right to the peaches and the apples, which are later season fruits," Wilbur of 3 Squares Produce Farms said.

With the roller-coaster weather, he's concerned about the potential for frost. Still, conditions are better than last year.

"Last year, it was well after the Fourth of July before people got cherries, and our cherries completely froze," he said.

Tomatoes could be picked earlier than normal this year, too. He'll plant his tomatoes this week, which could be a bumper crop.

"So you'll probably get more tomatoes in a year like this, if it continues to be nice and warm."

But the beautiful, warmer days are not going to stick around. On Friday, the colder part of a storm could bring a rain and snow mix to the Wasatch Front and temperatures will drop into the mid-50s. The weekend will see temperatures in the low 60s.

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