Tom Smart, Deseret Morning News
BYU and Notre Dame will renew its football series in 2012. Show here is BYU's John Beck as he runs past Notre Dame's Brandon Hoyte for a score in 2005.

It appears the BCS is set to undergo a major overhaul.

The 11 FBS commissioners and Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick are meeting in South Florida this week to talk about the future postseason format. These discussions are certain to impact BYU, which is entering its second year as an independent.

Another major independent, Notre Dame, will have a voice at this meeting. Changes in the postseason could affect the status of Notre Dame and BYU.

"Swarbrick and head coach Brian Kelly spoke at a dinner Saturday at the Joyce Center, and, naturally, the subject of the BCS, and specifically Notre Dame's fit in it, came up," writes Matt Fortuna of "'The goal and priority is to remain independent (in football),' Swarbrick said, according to Notre Dame's sports information department. 'What the postseason becomes is the lynchpin. There's still one chapter to come as far as conference realignment and that will come after these BCS discussions. These are an important three-and-a-half days (of meetings) this next week in Florida. (The result) will have a significant impact on us one way or another.'"

Turning to basketball, high school phenom Jabari Parker is being recruiting by a host of schools, including BYU. Parker's coach, Robert Smith, said Parker hasn't eliminated long-shot programs from consideration, but he wants to win an NCAA championship.