Episcopal Priest Danielle Tumminio had a lot of questions before heading into the Kansas City Missouri Temple Open House and her blog is featured in "Today in the Bloggernacle."

Temple tour: Episcopal Priest Danielle Tumminio had a lot of questions before heading into the Kansas City Missouri Temple Open House: “What does a Mormon temple look like and what happens inside it? Would I feel God's presence in this space, even though it's not a space that's sacred for me? Before I go any further — and because I know it's the question at the front of your mind, dear reader — no one tried to convert me. In fact, everyone was very welcoming. Members volunteered en masse, clad in pressed suits and dresses. They offered guided tours, bent down to put protective boots onto my feet so my shoes wouldn't dirty the carpeting, and offered me a chewy snickerdoodle at the end of the tour. They showed me every space from changing rooms to sealing rooms where marriages take place and answered every question I asked, no matter how challenging or controversial. And in the end, yes, I did have a God moment.” Please click into read her entire beautiful account of what happend when A Female Episcopal Priest Visits a Mormon Temple.

David Archuleta: From this tweet, it sounds like David Archuleta jumped right into missionary work in Chile: Not sure how many of you are David Archuleta fans, but I asked my Dad (who is his mission president) if I could share something about his arrival in Chile and this is what he had to say about him, 'He is a very humble, non-ego person…Not centered on himself. He is just good. That is the word for him. And he is very excited to be here and loves his trainer and has already taught some lessons in his first sector.'" Pretty cool. Out of respect for Elder Archuleta I wouldn't want to get more specific than that on his experiences. Just good to know he is doing something good and for the right reasons.” Awesome!

Mormon computer: “…And I’ve been all over the world. Wide. Web.” Ha, this new Mormon Messages Video highlights “Barry – Mormon Channel Surfer,” who just happens to be a computer. I love the cleverness of this spot that extolls the virtues of the Mormon Channel. And you just have to check out the last bit. It totally made me smile.

Whitney Awards: Today is the deadline for the Whitney Award Academy to submit its votes picking the best of the best of the 2011 Whitney finalists. Segullah bloggers took the time to read every single offering and here are their "Final Thoughts" about what they read. Do you agree? And looks like I have some amazing books to read!

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