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"The Heirs of Southbridge," by Jennie Hansen is set in post-Civil War Alabama.

"THE HEIRS OF SOUTHBRIDGE," by Jennie Hansen, Covenant Communications, $15.99, 200 pages (f)

In a place that should have been a refuge, Southbridge plantation holds some painful moments and secrets, for young Clayton and his brother Travis. First one tragedy and then another plagues the family.

On a day that should been filled with family love and support at the loss of Kathryn, mother of the two boys, a family feud erupted instead. After an angry rage from their grandfather, Desmond Southbridge, Clayton and Travis flee with their father. In the process, they say farewell to the only home they have ever known.

But the bad blood will not be stilled, and now two boys and their father must try to survive as fugitives while living as cowboys.

Clayton has an unfulfilled desire for a strong and stable family. His father is now dead, and Travis has left his life to follow his own path. The loneliness is more than he can bear, so he seeks out his roots.

On a visit to Southbridge, a now-adult Clayton is greeted with a loaded gun and a family who will stop at nothing to own Southbridge as Clayton finds another obstacle in claiming his heritage and finding peace in his weary heart.

Jennie Hansen's “The Heirs of Southbridge” will transport readers right into the past and stir powerful emotions through the tragedies and triumphs of the family. An enthralling read that is action-packed and will have the reader wanting to jump into the book with the characters. Hearts will feel a tinge at the loneliness of Clayton and his yearning for family.

Hansen does briefly introduce a character who is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

A great read from an author who has penned 18 other successful works.

Becky Robinette Wright is a freelance writer and photographer who lives in Virginia.