SALT LAKE CITY — The State Office of Education will conduct a series of training sessions with school administrators, athletic directors and local board members on financial management procedures and ethics.

Carol Lear, director of law and legislation, said between four and five regional sessions will be held around the state during the month of May.

The sessions come during an investigation into the financial transactions of Louis Wong, who was suspended without pay in March from his position as football coach at Timpview High School. A state audit raised allegations that Wong had in appropriately charged personal expenses to the school and accepted compensation from a clothing company.

Lear said the subject matter of the training sessions fall in line with the allegations against Wong, but added that the decision to hold the meetings was not a direct result of his suspension.

"It's in response to a lot of questions that administrators have had," Lear said. "We were already contemplating helping school districts before that case."

Benjamin Wood