Alex Boye and Carmen Rasmusen Herbert join forces to sing a new version of "Have I Done Any Good?"

Helping hands: Musicians Alex Boye and Carmen Rasmusen Herbert join forces to sing a new version of “Have I Done Any Good?” for Mormon Helping Hands and give us a sneak peek at the behind-the-scenes making of the video. Boye explains, “It’s just not about LDS people. It’s just not about one type of people; it’s about all people.” Click in to enjoy and to get excited for the full version due out soon!

First Vision: Speaking of cool videos, you should check out this new one from the Joseph Smith Papers Project on “Joseph Smith and the First Vision.” Historian Mark Ashurst-McGee discusses how you can find four different versions of the First Vision in the newest Joseph Smith Papers volume and how each of these versions tells us different but important details about this incredible event: “A more complete and nuanced understanding of the vision can be gained by reading all four of the firsthand accounts.”

LDS Maps: Instantly see your ward boundaries and members on a map” using the amazing tool of LDS Maps. Why is this handy? LDSTech writer Jeff Van Drimmelen provides a list:

  • Emergency preparedness planning
  • Home and visiting teaching
  • Membership cleanup (those members outside your ward boundaries are easy to see!)
  • Bishopric and other leadership visits
  • Missionary work (our ward mission split the ward up into districts)
  • Realignment of ward boundaries in the stake
Read more to see exactly how to get the most out of LDS Maps.

Open arms: In a beautiful essay, this blogger wonders if we are ready for “Smokers in the Chapel.” She explains, “As vice spirals out of control and people once caught up in it seek refuge, will they find a safe home within the walls of our wards? Will smokers be sitting in the pews and former antagonizers conducting the meetings? I hope I can see the day where that is common. As for now, I need to work on my own foibles and shortcomings to ensure that I will be worthy to be part of such change.” Click in for the entire important piece on not dismissing people due to appearance.

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