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Cover of "As a Child of God," the new album of children's music from Janice Kapp Perry

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She's been writing music for decades but never loses her enthusiasm for writing for children. Ever wonder what her favorite song is from her catalog? Or how she combines research and relaxing to create?

In this audio interview about her new album "As a Child of God," Janice Kapp Perry talks about writing for children, the song that came in a day and balancing life and writing and answers questions from Facebook fans.

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As a Child of God

• I Will Choose the Right

• I Will Say a Prayer

• I Will Stay on the Path

• I Am Building an Eternal Family

• I Want to Be a Light

• Jesus Made This Beautiful World

• I'm Learning the Ways of Jesus

• As Children We Sing

• My Body Is An Earthly Temple

• God's Plan of Happiness

• The Creation

• I Know Jesus Loves Me

• I'm So Glad to Have a Body

• My Pathway Will Lead to the Temple

• When I Read the Book of Mormon

• Two Thousand Stripling Warriors

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