Rufus Griscom has a theory that he's not the only dad who didn't fall instantly, madly, insanely in love with his children the moment they were born. But he can't be completely sure because it's territory no one seems willing to explore.

Griscom and his wife, Alisa Volkman, who is also his partner in their publishing venture, treated viewers to a humorous and lively back-and-forth discussion of four parental taboos in a presentation that's now a video on TED is an acronym for technology, entertainment and design. The nonprofit group shares videos of presentations by influential people involved in related fields.

Together, the two tackle things parents usually won't talk about, from miscarriage to the loneliness of a new mom. It's not helpful to refuse to address the taboos, they say.

And for the record, though he wasn't over the moon in the first 10 minutes, Griscom notes that his love for those three little boys has just grown and grown.

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