As the number of male's receiving college degrees declines, so does marriage and employment rates.

A lack of higher education among men is causing drops in marriage rates and slowdowns in employment growth in the U.S., according to Bloomberg.

“It is terrific that women are getting higher levels of education,” David Autor, professor of economics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, told Bloomberg. “The problem is that males are not.”

Autor also told Bloomberg that the U.S. workplace is dividing into high-and low-skill jobs, and the well-paying job that doesn’t require higher education is disappearing.

The percentage of women who received bachelor’s degrees was eight percentage points higher than men in 2010, according to Bloomberg. Men had a 6-point lead over women in 1975.

The education gap is not just an economic problem says experts.

When men neglect their higher education, their income lags, marriage rates fall and they will likely drop from the labor force, Autor told Bloomberg.

“It is deeply alarming,” Richard Murnane, an economist and professor at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education in Cambridge, Mass., told Bloomberg. “A lot of women don’t want to make lifetime commitments to males who are not going to bring in a good income. It contributes to divorce rates for the same reason.”

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