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"See the Big Picture" gives tips to help businesses.

"SEEING THE BIG PICTURE: Business Acumen to Build Your Credibility, Career and Company," by Kevin Cope, Greenleaf Book Group Press, $21.95, 176 pages (nf)

Described as "an MBA in under 180 pages," "Seeing the Big Picture" is a new book by Utah author Kevin Cope. After spending 10 years at FranklinCovey, Cope decided it was time to launch his own training and consulting firm. His firm, Salt Lake City-based Acumen Learning, focuses on "the practical application of business acumen."

In this book, Cope attempts to demystify the complicated world of business and make it understandable to people at all levels. This book is meant to create better employees with more business knowledge and help employers build stronger companies by focusing on important business drivers.

Using what he calls "the five key components," Cope gives a detailed description of each of the components. He begins by explaining how his key components — cash, growth, people, profit and assets — are important to everyone involved in a business.

With chapters dedicated to each of the five components and bullet-point reviews at the end of each chapter, this book helps explain how these components impact the bottom line. Cope does this by using a fictitious bicycle company as an example throughout the book. The example of the fictitious company shows how modern businesses struggle with each of the five components. In addition, he also shows how focusing on these components can help build stronger employees and ultimately stronger companies.

The final chapter in the book provides six ideas for building business acumen. Here Cope offers his "ideas to encourage and support your ongoing development and application of sound business acumen." These suggestions include committing time to study and research, talking with key company managers, being proactive, attending industry meetings, finding a mentor and influencing management.

Cope's writing style and his ability to convey difficult business topics in relatable stories makes this book easy to understand. Readers looking to increase their business knowledge should come away from this book with a number of key insights.

Steve Larson is one of the founders of Information Alliance, a Utah based data collection company. He currently serves as vice president of sales.