SALT LAKE CITY — The Bureau of Land Management is changing the Salt Lake Regional Wild Horse and Burro Center from a large year-round wild horse and burro holding facility to a smaller, short-term holding facility.    

The change in the use of the facility is related, in part, to an internal review of the center prompted by complaints that the horses were standing in knee deep mud.

The BLM Salt Lake Field Office will continue to have a Wild Horse program that will manage the two Herd Management Areas, hold adoption events and provide service to adopters.   

The first on-site satellite adoption is planned for May 11-19, featuring 30 burros and a limited number of horses. The center will be open to the public from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. and all burros will be available for adoption on a first come, first served basis for $125.00.

Anyone interested in adopting can contact the Delta Wild Horse and Burro Facility at 435-864-4068, the Gunnison facility at 435-287-7591 or visit our web-site at