SALT LAKE CITY — A California man is behind bars in central Utah for investigation of attempted aggravated murder after a case of alleged road rage spiraled out of control and ended in gun fire.  

Beaver County Sheriff Cameron Noel said Jose Rosales Casas, of California, brandished a gun on I-15 south of Beaver Sunday night, and ultimately fired one shot into the cabin of another truck he claimed was trying to run him off the road. The other driver accused Casas of tailgating him, Noel said.

Noel said Tuesday it was unclear who started the road rage incident — Casas or the other driver — but neither driver appeared to back down until the shooting.

“Instead of just pulling off the road, they both had ample opportunity to exit the freeway and they chose not to do that,” Noel said.

Children were in both trucks at the time of the incident, Noel said, and it was fortunate nobody was hurt.

According to sheriff’s investigators, Casas had been working as a security guard in California and was traveling with his wife and two children to Colorado to begin work at a new job.

Noel said there were two men and a woman — all students at Utah State — traveling in the other truck. They were also with a young child.

“Regardless of the situation, we do not feel that [Casas] was justified in any way, shape or form to take that kind of action,” Noel said.

The Beaver County Attorney is screening the case.

Casas, deputies said, had marijuana in his car and was also booked for investigation of a drug possession count.

Noel acknowledged charges are possible against the people in the truck that now has the bullet hole in the side.