Mormon Messages
A scene from the latest Mormon Messages video.

Mormon Messages: Keith Hamilton describes the life experiences that made him truly appreciate the “Eternal Truth” he learned in converting to Mormonism. “I sure learned how to appreciate the fullness of life, the ups and the downs, the joys and the sorrows.” Click in to watch the newest Mormon Message that traces one man’s life and conversion in the South.

No relief: This blogger describes reading about one non-member’s experience with what she terms some “‘No Relief’ Society” sisters: “I appreciated how she candidly explains what it has been like to live in a community surrounded by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ('Mormons'). I was saddened to read what some Mormon women had told her, however, about Relief Society, which is the women’s organization in the church — but is not limited to only women in the church. But apparently, that is not the message she got.” Click in to see what suggestions she gives for opening hearts and arms to women inside and outside the LDS Church.

Ward peeps: Enjoy any peeps over the Easter holiday? Well, in “My Peeps,” blogger Kacy Faulconer describes the influential peeps that surround her in her ward: “I'm lucky because I have a good family and wonderful friends. They are great and they do a lot for me, but I've got to tell you, my ward is my peeps. I didn't choose them and they wouldn't choose me and yet — here we are. I see them and interact with them almost every day. They do things for me and they are helping me raise my kids. Peeps in my ward are teaching me how to be a good mom. I'm in primary with the kids for most of church. There is a guy in there who teaches the three-year-olds with his wife. I doubt the rest of the ward knows that he sits through two hours of church with at least two kids fighting over his lap.” Click in for more of her hilarious but poignant musings on her sweet peeps.

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