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"The Drop 10 Diet" by Lucy Danziger is one of several recently released diet books.

Here are some cookbooks and others on health and nutrition that have crossed our desks recently.


"KABOBS FOR KIDS," by Janna DeVore, Gibbs Smith Publishing, $14.99, 63 pages

Breakfast, lunch and dinner don't necessarily require utensils when they are on a kabob. In "Kabobs for Kids," Janna DeVore shares ideas for all three meals plus sweets and other fun ideas (ships from cheese and cucumbers and s'mores on a stick) to help children eat, although some may balk at the salad skewers.

"WEDDING CUPCAKES," by Joanna Farrow, Octopus Publishing, $12.99, 63 pages

From Frosted Flowers to Mini Wedding Cakes, this book has recipes and instructions for 28 wedding-themed cupcakes and photos of the potential finished product of each.

"CAKE POPS," by Helen Attridge and Abby Foy, Octopus Publishing, $12.99, 64 pages

The introduction includes the basics of creating cake pops from a cake and from there, it's 28 ideas on how to decorate them, from festive holiday designs to animals and party hats.

"SLOW COOKING: 100 Recipes for the Slow Cooker, the Oven or the Stove Top" by Antony Worrall Thompson, Octopus Publishing, $19.99, 224 pages

With 100 recipes, "Slow Cooking" includes main dishes, soups and sauces, sides, desserts and treats. Each recipe has icons for prep time, cooking time and the setting.

"CANAL HOUSE COOKING, Vol. 7: La Dolce Vita," by Andrews McMeel Publishing, $19.95, 122 pages

This is the seventh volume in the Italian home cooking series.

"MY BAKING JOURNAL," Octopus Publishing, $14.99, 176 pages

With six color-coded sections, it includes 40 basic recipes and has pages for your own recipes and other notes.

"THE DUKAN DIET COOKBOOK," by Dr. Pierre Dukan, Crown Archetype, $26, 358 pages

Includes 350 recipes that fall in the "attack" and "cruise" phases, the first type steps of the Dukan Diet.

"LEON: Baking and Desserts," by Claire Ptak and Henry Dimbley, Crown Octopus, $29.99, 300 pages

Recipes from the London fast food chain Leon, including 300 color photos and about two-thirds of the recipes are sugar, dairy, wheat or gluten-free.

"COOKING FOR TWO 2012," by the editors at America's Test Kitchen, $35, 302 pages

Recipes that the chefs at America's Test Kitchen tried, tested, streamlined and cut down to serve two people. It also has suggestions for dishes that have similar ingredients, slow cooker recipes and dishes that use a minimal number of pots and pans.


"SIMPLE AND DELICIOUS WEEKNIGHT COOKING," America's Test Kitchen, $26.95, 344 pages

Includes more than 200 recipes that have been tested and tried so that it's streamlined, but still full of flavor, along with suggestions on which brand of ingredients to buy, helpful cooking tips and why the recipe works.

"PASTA REVOLUTION," America's Test Kitchen, $26.95, 326 pages

In America's Test Kitchen-style, each pasta recipe has been simplified where possible with only the necessary ingredients, making pasta dishes from Asian to Italian easier.

"DRESS YOUR COOKIE," by Joanna Farrow, Octopus Publishing, $14.99, 128 pages

The beginning of "Dress Your Cookie" includes basic directions on making sugar cookies and frosting, piping techniques and equipment. From there, it's directions and ideas for 50 different cookie "outfits" from pirates to Christmas houses.

"LARD: The Lost Art of Cooking with Your Grandmother's Secret Ingredient," by the editors of Grit magazine, Andrews McMeel Publishing, $24.99, 272 pages

One of the likely challenges of cooking with lard is finding it. In "Lard," there are instructions on how to render it yourself from pork. It also includes 150 recipes from breads to main dishes to desserts that include lard — and tips to making sure it works in the recipes.

"QUICK COOK: Family Meals," "QUICK COOK: Low Fat," "QUICK COOK: Pasta" and "QUICK COOK: Desserts," Hamlyn, $9.99 each, 288 pages each

Each cookbook includes recipes that can be made in 30, 20 or 10 minutes depending on the cook's time and including many familiar favorites and new dishes.

"THE NAPTIME CHEF: Fitting Great Food into Family Life," by Kalsey Banfield, Running Press, $23, 224 pages

Kelsy Banfield shares recipes for home-cooked meals that, with some advanced preparation during her baby's naptime, can be prepped and ready in minutes.

"ALLERGY-FRIENDLY FOOD FOR FAMILIES," by the editors of Kiwi, Andrews McMeel Universal, $24.99, 256 pages

Includes 120 recipes that are free of gluten, dairy, nut, egg or soy (and just about all of them are free of more than one on that list) that are family and children classic foods, like pizza pockets or cookies.

"GLUTEN-FREE VEGAN COMFORT FOOD," by Susan O'Brien, Lifelong Books, $18, 226 pages

From breakfast waffles and party favorites to family classic dinners and desserts (like chocolate cupcakes), this includes 125 recipes that are gluten free and vegan.

"LET THEM EAT VEGAN," by Dreena Burton, Lifelong Books, $20, 288 pages

Includes 200 vegan recipes with tips and suggestions, including substitutions to avoid allergies, serving suggestions and making recipes more kid-friendly.


"THE DROP 10 DIET: Add to Your Plate to Lose the Weight," by Lucy Danziger, Ballantine Books, $26, 464 pages

Lucy Danziger, the editor-in-chief of "Self" magazine, suggests 30 "superfoods" that help turn on the body's fat-burning powers along with ways to use them.

"THE LEAN: A Revolutionary and Simple 30-Day Plan for Healthy, Lasting Weight Loss," by Kathy Feston, Weinstien Books, 330 pages

Kathy Freston has a 30-day plan — from Day 1 of drinking lots of water to eat an apple on Day 3 to cutting oil on Day 27 — that helps set the stage for healthier living.

"FREEING YOURSELF FROM ANXIETY: 4 Simple Steps to Overcome Worry and Create the Life You Want," by Tamar Chansky, Lifelong Books, $16, 306 pages

Tamar Chansky, a clinical psychologist, give an explanation of where anxiety comes from and then tips on seeing problems in a more rational light.


"WHY WE GET FAT," by Gary Taubes; "YOUR PREGNANCY WEEK BY WEEK, Seventh Edition," by Dr. Glade Curtis and Judith Schuler; "THE WISDOM IN MENOPAUSE: Creating Physical and Emotional Health During the Change," by Christiane Northrup; "GROWING AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT: A Year in the Life of My First Kitchen Garden," by Graham Kerr; "TOMATOLAND: How Modern Industrial Agriculture Destroyed Our Most Alluring Fruit," by Barry Estabrook

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