Danielle Methmann, Ovation
"In Search of Food 2" host Scott Pampuch with singer Jason Mraz at Mraz' avacado farm in California. Mraz challenges Pampuch to make a raw vegan meal.

With Ovation’s dedication to artistic storytelling, a second season of "In Search of Food" is about to begin with executive chef Scott Pampuch's radical concept of investigating what people are really eating

Pampuch gets around. In this season, he’s hosting meals from San Diego, Calif., Boulder, Colo., and Staunton, Va., each in a half-hour episode that begins at the source — the farm. He shows the actual circumstances and practices of raising crops. Then, tracking the excursion along, all the way to the dining room plate. Pampuch believes in sustainable local ingredients, and he is part of this growing movement.

In the premiere episode on April 16 aptly titled “Lunch Money,” he accepts the challenge of a $1.15 per- child budget for a complete, nutritious lunch for 1,000 students in Boulder's Casey Junior Middle School. The school's chef, Ann Cooper, affectionately known as the “renegade lunch lady,” is there to show him the ropes in the school’s kitchen.

The viewer gets to see the cattle in their natural habitat and chat with the rancher who cares for them. Pampuch wants to serve beef and he wants to specially prepare it so the students will enjoy it, while at the same time, eating a healthy meal. As we find out along the way, Pampuch may have bitten off more than the kids can chew. It seems almost impossible to feed the children a nutritious meal while sticking to the budget. But he doesn’t waiver, but moves to the next option.

In the second episode on April 17, Papmuch heads to Virginia and takes on a challenge to find the best local produce and teach a family how to make a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The challenge is making a raw vegan meal from singer, vegan and avocado farm owner Jason Mraz in the third episode in San Diego airing on April 18.

It's an eye-opener for families to follow along, meeting the farmers and learning about the process that takes food from farm to table. "In Search of Food" also punctuates what parents try to teach our kids about eating well. The “drive-thru blinders” have to come off as fresh produce and beef is seen at the sources.

Pampuch shows the farms and all that goes with creating a simple meal, and appreciation for whole, fresh food nearly can't be helped.

The three-part series of "In Search of Food" is April 16, 17 and 18 at 6 p.m. Ovation is on Comcast channel 345 and Direct TV channel 274.

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