Watch the 14-minute conference highlight video.

Conference Highlights: I just love the semi-annual “General Conference Highlights” video that is, this time, a 13.47-minute summation of many of the most important points and counsel from the prophets, apostles, and leaders. Enjoy!

Easter celebrations: “Those buildings and the people who serve and worship in them taught me about the Easter traditions of Christians from around the world, so different from my own LDS background. I met Ethiopian and Syrian Christians holding on to a corner or a roof of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Baptists from Georgia who had come as pilgrims, Armenians who taught me their alphabet and their beliefs, and Palestinian Christians who maintained their faith in their ancient city. Their faith reinforced mine as I celebrated their traditions and festivals with them.” This beautiful essay showcases one blogger’s experience sharing Easter traditions with many different faiths, and yet they come to the same incredible realization of what Easter is all about: “Christ the Lord is Risen Today.”

Visiting teaching: Bloggers make it so easy to take a cute and creative handout from the “April 2012 Visiting Teaching Message” visiting teaching. This version is a colorful list of ways women can become better visiting teachers, reminding them both the why they teach and how! Click, download, print, and give.

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