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"Left for Dead" is a mystery novel by J.A. Janice.

Here are some books that have crossed our desks recently.



"LEFT FOR DEAD," by J.A. Janice, Touchstone, $25.99, 293 pages (f)

In one of her signature mysteries, J.A. Janice offers a story set on the Arizona-Mexico border involving the drug cartel, a body with only a rose tattoo for identification and the death of Ali Reynolds' classmates in the police academy. Ali sets to solve the deaths before anyone else is killed.


More hardbacks recently released:

"THE ODDS: A Love Story," by Stewart O'Nan (f): A couple on the brink of divorce and bankruptcy heads to Niagara Falls in a last-ditch attempt to make life together work.

"REEF AND SHOALS: An Alan Lewrie Naval Adventure," by Dewey Lambdin (f): It's 1805 and Captain Ala Lewrie is hunting privateers along the coast of Spanish Florida in this 18th installment of the series.

"HARD TARGET," by Howard Gordon (f): In this follow-up to "Gideon's War," Tillman and Gideon settle into a quiet life when they discover an impending terrorist attack, and they do what they can to convince people of its legitimacy and prevent it, even it means going rogue, in this thriller.

"BLACK SITE," by Dalton Fury (f): First in a military thriller series, former special-ops solider Kolt Raynor has been disgraced by a split-second decision, and he is asked by a group of former colleagues to help find some missing Americans in the Middle East — some of whom may be teammates, after his decision led to their capture.

"AGENT 6," by Tom Rob Smith (f): In this culminating novel of the Child 44 series set in 1965, Leo Demidov, a former secret police agent, is forbidden to travel with his family from Moscow to New York and is caught up in a mysterious conspiracy that ends in tragedy for his family — one that he wants untangled.

"GUN GAMES," by Faye Kellerman (f): New in the Decker/Lazarus series, LAPD Lt. Detective Decker investigates two teenage suicides and uncovers a group of high school students who like guns and violence. Decker has also taken in a teenager, who Decker realizes he knows little about.

"SISTERHOOD OF DUNE," by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson (f): It's been decades since the thinking machines were defeated, but two groups clash — one spuring technology and the other who use it. Characters from the "Dune" series re-emerge as these two groups struggle in this sci-fi novel.

"THE FACE THIEF," by Eli Gottlieb (f): Margot turns from a 20-something aspiring journalist to a grifter, preying on the weaknesses of men by "reading" their faces and then later draining their bank accounts.

"FROM THE MEMOIRS OF A NON-ENEMY COMBATANT," by Alex Givarry (f): Told in the form of a memoir, Boy Hernandez from the Philippines comes to the U.S. to pursue a study of fashion, but does so with funding from a Pakistani businessesman, which leads to Boy ending up in Gitmo awaiting trial.

"THE NIGHT SWIMMER," by Matt Bondurant (f): A young American couple wins a pub in Southern Ireland, and the man dives into life as the owner while she pursues her passion for open-water swimming. They are soon embroiled in a local mystery that includes people with no use for outsiders.

"THE INVISIBLE ONES," by Stef Penney (f): Private investigator Ray Lovell, who is half Romany, is hired to find the Rose Janko, the missing wife in a traveling Gypsy family with many secrets.

"THE DARLINGS," by Cristina Alger (f): It's 2008 and New York City is reeling from a financial crisis. The firm Paul Ross worked for imploded, and his billionaire financier father-in-law offers him a position to head a legal team at a hedge fund, but it tests his loyalties to his family and to the company as a scandal threatens to erupt.



"THE MAID OF FAIRBOURNE HALL," by Julie Kassen, Bethany House, $14.99, 400 pages (f)

In this Regency-era novel, Margaret Macy flees London disguised as a housemaid to escape her stepfather's plans for her to marry so he can take her inheritance. She ends up in a house of her former suitors, fumbles through the first real work she has ever had to do and struggles to keep her identity secret while protecting those she loves. But she's not the only one keeping secrets in this clean and enjoyable historical novel.


More paperbacks recently released:

"THE ROSE OF WINSLOW STREET," by Elizabeth Camden (f): In this historical novel set in the town of Colden, Mass., Libby Sawyer's simple life is disrupted when Michael Dobrescu and his Romanian family arrives claiming her family home, and the battle is taken to the courts. Each has secrets and loyalty to their families, but a growing attraction forms between them as they seek a place in the world.

"BIG NATE AND FRIENDS," by Lincoln Peirce (f): A collection of "Big Nate" comics.

"IN THE DARKNESS," by Nick Lake (f): Fourteen-year-old "Shorty" is trapped by the earthquake in Haiti, and his story is intertwined with that with revolutionary Toussaint L'Ouverture. Contains some swearing.

"MONSTRESS," by Lysley Tenorio (f): These short stories explore the relationships, including clashes and melding, of the Filipino and American communities in California.

"THE ART OF HEARING HEARTBEATS," by Jan-Philipp Sendker (f): When Julia's reticent father disappears after her law school graduation, she sets out to find him, which takes her across the world to Myanmar with an old lover letter in her hand.

"BLOODLAND," by Alan Glynn (f): A young journalist who digs into a death three years earlier finds connections to other seemingly disconnected yet violent events in this thriller.

"THE CAPTIVE HEART," by Dale Cramer (f): An expatriate Amish family in Paradise Valley, Mexico, finds life there harder with conflicts and illnesses, and Miriam must decide if the Mexican native she loves is worth the sacrifice.

"AT THE MERCY OF THE QUEEN: A Novel of Anne Boleyn," by Anne Clinard Barnhill (f): Lady Margaret Shelton is summoned to serve as a lady-in-waiting to the queen at 15. She is the confidant to Queen Anne Boleyn as she bears a daughter and suffers miscarriages. She is also at the behest of the Queen when she asks Margaret to go to the King — to distract his roving eye — but Margaret loves another man.

"THE FLOWERS OF WAR," by Geling Yan (f): In 1937, when the Japanese had taken Nanking, China, a group of schoolgirls hide in a church compound, but despite any rules of warfare, their lives are in danger. Translated from Chinese. Contains some swearing.

"GILLESPIE AND I," by Jane Harris (f): In 1888, Harriet Baxter arrives in Glasgow for the International Exhibition, meets young artist Ned Gillespie and is soon wrapped up in the lives of his family members, including a kidnapping and a criminal trial.

"BROADWAY BABY," by Alan Shapiro (f): Miriam Bluestein wanted a life on the stage, but she put that on hold for marriage and family, until a son shows an inclination toward acting.



"THE INVASION YEAR: An Alan Lewrie Naval Adventure," by Dewey Lambdin (f); "NIGHT ROAD," by Kristin Hannah (f); "CAVEAT EMPTOR: A Novel of the Roman Empire," by Ruth Downie (f); "WEST OF HERE," by Jonathan Evison (f).