Sometimes weddings aren’t as magical as planned. Luckily, some insurance providers, like Travelers, offer wedding coverage.

A recent study from Travelers pinpoints the causes of wedding disasters based on wedding insurance claims, according to BankRate.

According to the 2011 study, 31 percent of wedding claims come from problems with venues and vendors, like a double-booked photographer or an absent florist.

Sickness, injury and mishaps make up 19 percent of wedding insurance claims, while 17 percent are due to an attire crisis, military duty or deployment or other unavoidable cancelations.

Travelers reports theft and vandalism as 13 percent of claims, but did not specify if stolen brides were included in the statistic.

Weddings aren’t always bright, sunny days. Catastrophic weather accounts for 10 percent of claims.

The average wedding cost $25,631 in 2011, according to BankRate. Of the total cost, nearly 21 percent was spent on the wedding location.

"Given that the leading causes of wedding claims continue to be a result of vendor and venue issues, couples should seriously consider the financial risks associated with planning a wedding and protect their investment and budget accordingly," Chantal Cyr, vice president for Travelers Wedding Insurance, told BankRate.

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