A conference word art, called a "wordle."

Easter video: On Wednesday, I teased the beautiful new “He is Risen” Easter video that is an incredibly moving compilation of all the recently released Easter-themed videos. And now it is live! If you haven’t seen it, I invite you to click in and watch. Then share. And use it to teach on Easter Sunday. Or view with your family as a perfect Easter devotional tailor-made from the church. Stunning.

Conference transcripts: In what looks like record time, the text transcripts from last weekend’s conference went up on Wednesday! Click in to view, listen to, print, and download the April 2012 general conference talks here.

Conference wordles: Speaking of conference, one of my favorite things that bloggers do with the conference texts once released is make “general conference wordles,” which are word art representations of the talks. You can easily see the main themes of seven of these talks here. Interesting that “church” and “Christ” are two of the biggest words in most of these wordles made by Connor Boyack. Enjoy!

Artists remembered: “Several friends have told me how difficult it is on their emotions to consider the deaths of children. Therefore, I warn you: This post memorializes two Latter-day Saint children whose deaths were early and unexpected.” So begins this incredibly heartrending post about “Annie LaVaun Carr and Loraine West Rich: Two Child Artists, 1921.” In one year these two children’s contributions where featured in The Juvenile Instructor. And then both sadly passed away, with notes about each child’s death in the magazine. Click to see their creative contributions and to read more of their moving stories.

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