Nick Short
Sam and Julie Morby embrace on Temple Square on June 9, 2003.

People might not get married for the financial benefits, but knowing about them doesn't hurt. Here's a few of the financial benefits to getting married, according to the SF Gate.

More than 50 percent of married couples paid less in taxes than if they filed individually, according to MSN. The couples paying more in taxes were working poor people. Congress got rid of the marriage penalty, so even more married couples will save on their taxes.

A 23-year-old who lives in Indianapolis, Ind., could receive up to a 26 percent drop in pricing on the annual auto insurance premium if applying as half of a married couple, according to A full-time worker receiving health insurance through employment can add a spouse to the insurance policy for an additional cost, according to the article. Without marriage, the spouse would have to get health insurance from a different source. Health and auto insurance costs can go down as a result of being married.

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