Ravell Call , Deseret News
Silver Eagle Refinery in Woods Cross, April 30, 2010. Since a 2009 explosion, the company has been working to regain the trust of Woods Cross city officials and residents.

FARMINGTON — A jury has awarded more than $300,000 to a Woods Cross family whose home was left uninhabitable in a 2009 refinery explosion.

Brian and Kristi Horne were awarded a total of $325,000 by jurors, who determined Brian Horne should be given $100,000 in non-economic damages, Kristi Horne should receive $200,000 in damages and the family be awarded $25,000 for devaluation of their home, court records show. The Horne family's home was one of 10 homes impacted by a Nov. 4, 2009, explosion at a Silver Eagle refinery in Woods Cross.

The jury's 6-2 decision came at the end of a six-day trial. The Hornes filed a civil lawsuit against Silver Eagle Refining asking for unspecified damages. They stated that they have been traumatized by the incident and have not moved back into their home.

They also claimed the stigma from the explosion has made the home difficult to sell.

The massive explosion at the refinery was caused by hydrogen and diesel fuel that leaked from a pipeline and ignited. When firefighters reached the refinery at 2355 S. 1100 West, a fire crew of Silver Eagle employees was already working to put out the blaze. The fire was brought under control in about 30 minutes.

The blast was felt by people from Roy to Salt Lake City, fire officials said at the time, and caused a power bump that led other refineries in the area to shut down. Those shutdowns prompted the release of huge plumes of smoke from the facilities' flare towers when they burned off gas as part of their emergency procedures and later, when they resumed operations.

No one was injured in the explosion.

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