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Matthew Arden Hatfield,
Scott Womack appears before the Box Elder County Justice Court in Brigham City Wednesday, April 4, 2012. Womack, a former Box Elder County sheriff's deputy, is charged with custodial sexual misconduct, lewdness, unlawful detention and other charges stemming from traffic stops. At least one woman claims she was tricked into a roadside strip search.

BRIGHAM CITY — A former Box Elder County sheriff's deputy appeared in court as a defendant Wednesday to face a number of criminal charges against him.

Scott Womack, 36, of Brigham City, was arraigned before Justice Court Judge Kevin Christensen on charges in three of the six separate criminal cases against him. Womack is facing 11 class B misdemeanors including: lewdness, unlawful detention, six counts of official misconduct, and three counts of attempted custodial sexual misconduct.

He is also facing a felony charge of custodial misconduct of a minor, a third-degree felony.

The charging documents do not include information about the alleged crimes, but the felony charge and one official misconduct charge carry the same date — Nov. 20, 2010 — as a lawsuit currently pending in federal court involving a woman named Tamsen Reid.

In her lawsuit, Reid said she was strip-searched while sitting in the passenger seat of a car pulled off to the side of I-15 in Box Elder County. She said she was with four friends driving to Idaho about 11 p.m. during a snowstorm when they were pulled over for speeding.

After checking their IDs, the deputy allegedly told them that three of the occupants had warrants out for their arrests. He had the girls lift their shirts and bras up, allegedly to look for drugs, according to Reid and her lawsuit.

Reid said Womack then told her she was wanted in Arizona for heroin possession. Reid tried to tell the officer she had never done heroin and never been to Arizona. She believed her ID was stolen because Womack claimed he ran a check on a computer using her driver's license number, according to the lawsuit.

In an effort to allegedly make positive identification, Womack told Reid to undress so he could look for tattoos and piercings, the lawsuit states. After she refused one of the deputy's alleged orders, he said the search was over and she was allowed to get dressed. She claims the incident lasted about five minutes while it was snowing and dark outside with few other cars on the road.

A second lawsuit filed against Womack in federal court outlines a similar incident, but the date in the lawsuit does not match any of the charges. Both lawsuits are currently pending.

Womack "left employment" from the sheriff's office in March 2011. The Weber County Sheriff's Office conducted a criminal investigation into Reid's case.

The six cases were filed in Tremonton City Justice Court, Garland City Justice Court, 1st District Court and Box Elder County Justice Court and allege incidents that occurred between July of 2010 and July of 2011.

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