Raili Jacquet
With the flood danger of 2011, last year's "Hands on Holladay" citywide cleanup was focused on sand bags. This year volunteers will be helping clear the underbrush at Knudsen Park.

Holladay-- For the fifth year running, Holladay city leaders are asking for community help in beautifying the city. The “Hands on Holladay” event is slated for April 28 from 9-12 ending with a city sponsored barbeque lunch.

Hundreds of residents have begun to make the city cleanup a tradition with their families and church groups. City leaders hope for an increase in resident participation.

“We placed a few ads to request residents to suggest cleanup sites in the city, but we had limited response,” City Events Coordinator Michele Bohling said. “We decided to focus our attentions on clearing out the debris in Knudsen Park.”

The newly approved park includes seven acres of underbrush west of the I215 freeway and 6200 South. Although plans for the space have been drawn, the city lacks a funding mechanism to do much more than clear up the space. Bohling said it is an ideal place to focus the city cleanup event.

Residents are encouraged to show up at Knudsen Park, approximately 6300 So. Holladay Boulevard, wearing sturdy work clothes, work shoes, gloves, shovels and rakes. The city will provide dumpsters for trash to be disposed.

The tradition of a barbeque lunch following the cleanup will continue, but instead of hosting at city hall as in years past city leaders are considering holding the barbeque at Knudsen Park where most of the activity will be.

“Parking is limited so we suggest people carpool,” Bohling said.

Residents are encouraged to call Bohling at the city offices for any neighborhood project suggestions, to register volunteers or any further information.