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Sean Morrison, 15, was shot and killed by police officers March 18, 2012, in Magna. Police say the teen walked into the street wearing a bulletproof vest and ski mask and carrying a handgun. He fired at officers on two separate occasions, police said.

MAGNA — The mother of a 15-year-old boy shot and killed by police last month in Magna tearfully stayed on the phone with 911 dispatchers for more than 30 minutes waiting for news about her son.

"Oh my ... I hope he didn't hurt anybody," cried Jayne Morrison. "I don't know why he's doing this. ... I don't want anyone to be hurt."

Sean Morrison was shot and killed by Unified police officers on March 18 after walking into the street wearing a bulletproof vest, ski mask and carrying a Colt .45 handgun. He fired at officers on two separate occasions, shooting multiple rounds.

Wednesday, the 911 call made by Jayne Morrison was released following a public records access request.

Initially, Morrison is calm, almost deadpan with deep sighs, as she tells the 911 dispatcher that her son has obtained his father's bulletproof vest that was supposed to be secured inside the home.

"I don't know where he found his dad's bulletproof vest. … He says he's leaving so he doesn't hurt us. And I tried to explain we've had enough drama and problems in our lives and he's threatened to run away," she said.

The dispatcher asks Morrison if her son has a gun. Initially she says she doesn't know, but her demeanor becomes more excited when she realizes he does.

"I thought they were all locked up, but he told me he found one. Oh my … he's holding it," she exclaimed.

Jayne Morrison is then heard on the tape yelling at Sean to get out of his sister's room.

"Sean, do not!" she yells. "Sean, give me the gun ... Sean, you're going to get in a lot of trouble, give that to me. … What is wrong with you, Sean?"

Morrison tells the dispatcher that her son has left the house, 3845 S. Westgate Circle, wearing a ski mask and black leather trench coat. She sounds worried and makes a comment under her breath, "I can't take this" followed by "I don't know what he's going to do."

About six minutes into the call, Jayne Morrison's calm demeanor becomes distressed as gunshots can be heard in the background.

"He shot somebody," she cries, almost hysterically, to the dispatcher.

The dispatcher tells Morrison to stay inside and tells her that her son was shooting at officers.

Police later said Sean had aggressively walked toward two officers who had just arrived at the scene and started firing at them before they even got out of their vehicles. Morrison then ran off through neighbors' yards.

About 13 minutes into the phone call, the dispatcher tells Morrison, "Nobody's injured right now; we're trying to locate your son."

For the next 15 minutes, Jayne Morrison waits for word on Sean. She is heard talking to a neighbor who asked her what happened. She then, in a nearly inaudible portion, says something about "stabbed me in the heart" before crying again. Morrison also mentions something about "making the right choices" in another inaudible portion of the recording, apparently talking about her son.

About 34 minutes into the call, the dispatcher talks to one of the officers at the scene on another line. He tells her to cancel the landing zone for a medical helicopter because Sean Morrison was dead. The dispatcher then comes back on the line with Jayne Morrison.

"I'm going to have somebody come over and talk with you," she said, while also telling Morrison she can now hang up the phone.

Three veteran Unified police officers remained on standard paid administrative leave Wednesday pending a review by the Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office.

Sean Morrison had been diagnosed as being bipolar and mildly autistic. He had been to mental institutions in the past seeking treatment. Investigators said Morrison had undergone a mental health evaluation after engaging in some criminal behavior and had a history of emotional and mental instability.

Family members believe recent events in his life had an impact on him, such as the arrest of his father.

Barry Morrison was charged Feb. 23 with 12 felonies, including aggravated sexual abuse of a child, rape of a child and forcible sodomy. The alleged victim in that case was a relative, but not Sean.

There was also an incident just before Sean was killed in which he was chased by some boys wielding a knife who cut his face.

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