Michael Diamond
Michael Diamond used a Web viral video to campaign for student vice president of programming for Weber State University.

Passing out candy and doing flips were methods Michael Diamond used to capture the attention of fellow students. The exposure paid off when he was elected Weber State University's 2012-2013 vice president of programming.

Diamond, a WSU junior studying public relations and advertising, will be in charge of planning university events. He previously served as a leader of the WSU triathlon team, in the Student Alumni Association and Student Involvement and Leadership Office.

Diamond, who believes WSU is slowly moving out of the “commuter school” reputation, wants to help accelerate that reputation.

”I watched each event this year increase by 40 precent and really planted in myself a desire to keep that rolling,” he said.

Diamond said he envisions increased attendance at campus events, adding that students can plan on events being larger than in previous years.

“He knows when someone is left out,” said Courtney Ellis, a two-year member of WSU’s Event Committee. “He wants to include everyone. He’s already put out a couple of surveys about what events (students) are interested in.

"The biggest thing is, the kid knows how to have fun.”

“He has the drive,” said Landon Stoker, a mentor in the Student Involvement Leadership Office at WSU. “He will do whatever is necessary to get people to events.”

Currently a marketing and design director at AdPro Marketing, Diamond believes marketing experience will benefit him in the new position.

“Like any product, marketing ‘lifestyle’ is key,” Diamond said. “Changing WSU’s ‘lifestyle' atmosphere will help improve all other aspects at the school.”

The kickoff event for the year is scheduled for the first week of fall semester.

“Imagine 3,500-plus people at the Dee Events Center skipping,” Diamond said. “That’s right; we are going to break the Guinness World Record for the most people skipping at one place and at one time.”

Diamond will assume the new position before the end of spring semester.

We Like Mike

Michael Diamond campaigns to Weber State students through an online video. The video was spread via social media and shown on campus during Weber State University's campaign week.

Dakota Hyde is a senior at Weber State University studying public relations and advertising.