DRAPER — A paraglider was injured Tuesday after he crash-landed, narrowly missing a home near point of the mountain.

Brad Gunnuscio said he was in his kitchen when he noticed a shadow pass his window. When he went outside he found the downed pilot in his backyard.

"When I came to him he was knocked silly, moaning and groaning and not very coherent," Gunnuscio said.

He said the pilot appeared to have a concussion and a possible lower back injury but was responsive when authorities transported him to the hospital. Gunnuscio said the pilot's wing collapsed and he was too low to the ground to release his reserve. He also said the pilot was wearing a helmet but the chin strap appeared to be loose.

Gunnuscio, who teaches paragliding and has practiced the sport for 16 years, did not see the crash but said witnesses told him the pilot narrowly missed hitting his home. He said overall, paragliding is a safe sport and added that most accidents occur in the Spring when pilots are rusty from the winter season.

"With the right training you can stop these things from happening," he said.

Benjamin Wood