SALT LAKE CITY — Multiple charges have been filed against a Salt Lake man after he allegedly stalked and assaulted an ex-girlfriend, then filed court documents smeared with the woman's blood.

A woman told police that after their relationship ended in the spring of 2011, Robert Brian Walton began stalking her by calling her as many as 70 times in a day, sending threatening text messages and emails, following her, threatening her and physically assaulting her, according to charges filed Tuesday in 3rd District Court.

The woman was granted a temporary civil stalking injunction on Feb. 22. 

The woman told police that on March 1, Walton arrived at her apartment around midnight and chased her to her car. She was not able to lock the car's door before Walton reached the vehicle, opened the door and demanded her keys and phone, the charges state.

The woman said Walton pushed her head into the steering wheel and then pulled her out of the car by her hair. He presented her with several documents and threatened to "snap her neck" if she refused to sign them, slapping her face and pushing her head back into the rear window of the vehicle, according to the charges.

The woman said she agreed to sign Walton's documents in exchange for her keys. Walton threatened to kill the woman if she called police, the charges state.

Prosecutors say Walton later filed a court motion to dismiss the civil stalking injunction. Attached to that motion were blood-smeared documents the woman had signed, which retracted any statements the woman had made suggesting that Walton posed a threat to her safety.

Walton, 42 was charged in 3rd District Court Tuesday with retaliation against a witness, a third degree felony, stalking, a class A misdemeanor, and class B misdemeanor charges of assault, unlawful detention and threat of violence.