A screenshot from the Easter-themed Bible videos.

Easter video: The final Bible video honoring Easter is set to be released today and let me just say, “He Is Risen” is an incredible depiction of why we celebrate Easter. Homes across Mormondom should upload it to share with their families as a beautiful Easter devotional. Or use it for Sunday lessons. Or both. Watch for it at the Bible Videos site.

Spiritual gifts: In “Spiritual Generativity, Erikson, and Easter Egg Hunts,” this blogger discusses the power of seeking to find spiritual gifts. She explains, “Lately I have been thinking about talents and spiritual gifts as another part of our generative work. We tend to think of talents and gifts in these narrow bands. You know those obvious talents, those spiritual gifts outlined in Doctrine and Covenants. My dad is a patriarch and so we have had some great discussions on the variety of spiritual gifts, and the expansiveness and unlimitedness of them. If God is a God of endless variety, so to are talents and gifts.” And thus she provides a huge list of potiential gifts. Click in to discover or discuss your gifts.

Carrot muffins: These “Cream Cheese-filled Carrot Cake Muffins” look so delicious. Did I mention that they are carrot cake with cream cheese filling? Oh my yumminess. Check out how to make them and impress your family and friends for Easter.

Temple curiosity: I got a kick out of this sweet photo of a “Kitty at the Temple.” Click in to see it!

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