Charlie Riedel, AP
Job seekers in Overland Park, Kan. attend a career fair last December. The Federal Reserve Board is worried recent employment gains will fizzle out.

Federal Reserve policymakers are scared recent job increases may disappear, according to Fed minutes from March 13 that were released Tuesday.

Few members of the Reserve wanted more stimulus as a solution to the potential problem, according to the Washington Post. The Fed decided to keep interest rates at historic lows until at least 2014. The Dow was down 40 points before the minutes were released and dropped another 45 after they were released, according to the Post.

The Fed worries the economic recovery might pitter out like it did in 2011. Economic struggles in Europe and debt problems could present problems in the U.S. Meanwhile, consumers aren't getting wage increases, and high gas prices continue to rise.

Members also noted there have been two separate instances in the last two years when recoveries fizzled out, according to the article.

On Friday, the government will report on job creation for the month of March. A lot of economists think the unemployment rate will stay around 8.3 percent and there will be a net gain of about 210,000 jobs across the nation, according to the article.

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