Robert Voets, CBS
Jonas Otsuji is shown in an episode of "Survivor: One World" from Wednesday, March 14. The Lehi, Utah, resident shared some of the dishes he made while on the island.

Lehi resident and sushi chef Jonas Otsuji was known for his cooking skills on "Survivor: One World."

He was voted off on Day 20 of the 39-day contest in a near-unanimous vote.

Growing up in Hawaii, he was familiar with coconut as an ingredient. There were a few dishes that he made that were more than just grilling fish or opening coconuts but took a bit of creativity.

There was Bread Fruit Stew he made by boiling chicken they had caught with the bread fruit and added coconut cream to thicken it.

"It was this thick, savory chicken stew," the 37-year-old father said.

And then there was the dish they named Samoan Seafood Bisque.

He didn't have a normal heavy cream, so he grated coconut with a machete, put the coconut shavings in coconut water and then using his "Survivor" buff as a substitute for cheesecloth, he strained the mixture to get the cream.

Then he used salt water and coconut water.

"It was this salty, savory creamy dish," he said. "It was absolutely delicious." And the whole tribe loved it, too, he said.

After the show that day, one of the producers who had worked for "Survivor" for several years told Jonas that it was the first time he was jealous of what the "Survivor" contestants were eating.

He also made a clam chowder using a giant clam that he caught and described as "three times the size of my head."

"I added a bit of rice to give some substance," he said, and others complimented him on it for several days.

"We ate really well out there," he said.

As a member of the "Survivor" jury, he attends Tribal Council meeting and will vote on who is the sole survivor and stays at Ponderosa.

His first night there, he pounced on the buffet. And he was grateful there wasn't anything with coconut.

"In two days, I gained 10 pounds," Otsuji said. He lost 12 pounds during his 20 days of competition.

While he enjoyed the vacation time, after about three days, he asked the Ponderosa chef if he could help — cook, peel potatoes, anything.

And the chef let Otsuji in his kitchen.

"We cooked a bunch of stuff together," Otsuji said.

His experience on the island helped inspire his new pilot video venture of going to different locations and using only the available food to make dishes.

As part of the jury, Jonas is part of the group that will vote for the player they feel outwits, outsmarts and outlasts the others. And right now, he's rooting for Troy "Troyzan" Robertson.

"Survivor: One World" airs Wednesdays at 7 p.m. on CBS.