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Francisco Kjolseth,
Provo City Councilman Steve Turley, right, made his first appearance in 4th District Court in Provo in August, 2011.

PROVO — A June 20 preliminary hearing was scheduled Tuesday for former Provo City Councilman Steve Turley.

The hearing will be held to determine if there's enough evidence to order Turley, 43, to stand trial. He is charged with seven counts of communications fraud, two counts of exploitation of a vulnerable adult and one count of pattern of unlawful activity, all second-degree felonies.

But even as attorneys requested the hearing, they indicated that they are working toward a resolution, according to 4th District Court records.

After Turley was charged in July 2011, Turley's colleagues on the City Council called for his resignation, saying his continued presence on the council compromised the city's standards of ethics.

Turley refused to resign at that time, instead opting for a leave of absence. That sparked an internal investigation into the residents' allegations of ethical misconduct, headed by former 4th District Judge Anthony Schofield.

That 45-day investigation wrapped up last week, with Schofield concluding that Turley violated the Utah Public Officers' and Employees' Ethics Act in at least five ways, including failing to disclose conflicts of interest and using his office to further his personal economic interests.

Turley resigned Sept. 27. The move came nearly 11 months after 23 Provo residents filed a conflict-of-interest complaint against Turley, citing several instances in which the councilman allegedly used his public position for personal financial gain.

That led to an investigation by the Utah County Attorney's Office and ultimately the criminal charges against Turley, which related to his business dealings between July 2006 and December 2009.

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