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One of 10 "Remembering the Resurrection" cards being released by on Facebook.

Easter is less than a week away but the blogs can help you prepare to honor the holiday with crafts, lessons, videos, cards and so much more.

Similar to their “Countdown to Christmas,” the Facebook page is offering a “Remembering the Resurrection” set of cards updated daily until Easter. These beautiful reminders are shareable and will help you keep the spirit of Easter all week long.

And the Bible Videos site just uploaded two more videos celebrating the wondrous biblical account of Easter. Watch the miracles unfold following Jesus Christ’s death in the depictions of “Jesus is Laid in a Tomb” and “Jesus is Resurrected.” Incredible. And be sure to click through all the Easter-themed videos in preparation for the holiday and please share with your family and friends.

Looking for Easter-crafts for your family? Well, Pinterest to the rescue. The search of “LDS Easter” resulted in printables, framing ideas, crafts, recipes, lessons and more. Check it out! Or this blogger has a whole plethora of “Easter Crafts About Christ” including “Resurrection Rolls” and “Telling the story of Easter using Jelly Beans” and “The Twelve Eggs of Easter” and so much more. Fun!

Finally, someone shared this beautiful new Easter music video, “The Miracle,” from LDS composer Shawna Edwards a few weeks ago and I knew I would be putting it in my Easter column. Nicely, you can also download the free sheet music by following the instructions at her blog here.

Now let me show you other astounding posts from this last week in the Bloggernacle:

Power pick: A few months ago the blogs exploded with the news that Sister Julie B. Beck, then the general Relief Society President, would be answering blogger’s questions on the Mormon Channel. I am happy to report that two days before she was released, Sister Beck’s interview with the Mormon Mommy Blogs was uploaded. Click here to listen to the episode titled “Questions Precede Revelation.” And then click here to get some background on “Sister Beck and Mormon Mommy Blogs,” including an exciting new blog project. I’ll let MMB co-founder Elisa Hanney-Scharton explain: “Over the next several weeks you will see a new page appear here on MMB, at the encouragement of Sister Beck. She was gracious and gave me access to all of the interviews that have been done not only on the Mormon Channel, but throughout the stakes that she has visited. We have been furiously categorizing those videos for this new page aptly titled ‘Women in the Mormon Church,’ where all of the categories of your questions will be answered, one video clip at a time.” Awesome! I look forward to it.

Techie tip: Want a few more printables, courtesy of Mormon Mommy Blogs? Click in to download then print such general conference quotables as “Do Your Duty, That is Best” and “Family Time is Sacred Time” and one of the most popular, if facebook shares are any indication, “Don’t Judge Me Because I Sin Differently.” Click. Print. Share. Frame. Enjoy.

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