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Chad Whitlock for Desert Star
Justin Berry, Corinne Adair, Bryan Dayley in "The Princess Bridesmaid" now playing at Desert Star.

MURRAY — A brand new production hit the Desert Star stage this weekend to packed crowds that experienced everything audiences have come to expect from the family-friendly theater. Heroes, villains, music and — of course — comedy are what Desert Star is known for, and the audiences weren’t disappointed with “The Princess Bridesmaid.”

Audiences have historically enjoyed jokes that reference the 1987 movie “The Princess Bride.” According to Scott Holman, Desert Star’s artistic director, “Every time we make a ‘Princess Bride’ reference in one of our shows, the audience erupts with laughter. So it was a no-brainer to give the Desert Star treatment to this beloved family classic.”

The story follows Prince Christopher the Robin ("CTR" for short), who is betrothed to Princess Snapdragon against his wishes. Over the course of the show, he falls in love with Snapdragon’s bridesmaid, Edelweiss Von Trapp, instead of the princess. Working alongside Christopher the Robin, his loyal knight Sir Winston Poobah must outsmart the evil King Heffalump before it is too late.

Audiences will certainly recognize other familiar-named characters inspired by classic Disney tales of Winnie the Pooh. There are also music and jokes from other famous films such as “The Sound of Music."

Featuring many characters and jokes that fans of "The Princess Bride" will understand right away, the show hit its comedy stride early and kept the jokes coming throughout the entire performance.

Even when things didn’t go exactly right, the cast had no problem improvising to keep the show moving fluidly, and the show didn’t suffer at all. In fact, many of the improvised lines by the cast received as much laughter as the scripted jokes.

The traditional "olio" which follows “Princess Bridesmaid” is the “Southern Nights Olio” — a mixture of “classic country, Dixieland and traditional Southern music,” as well as more comedy routines.

“The Princess Bridesmaid” runs through June 9. More information can be found at www.desertstar.biz.

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