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Jabari Parker

Jabari Parker is regarded as the top junior basketball player in the country. The Chicago native, who is LDS, is being heavily recruited by BYU, among many other schools.

Parker has been named the Illinois All-State Player of the Year by the News-Gazette, and he is profiled in a lengthy feature story.

"With Parker's junior season now complete, his college decision looms larger than ever, the burden intensifying as the NBA's minimum age-limit rule of 19 continues to require players must be a year out of high school to be drafted. Four months behind on opening his mail, sifting through offers from dozens of programs, Parker would like to narrow his list down this spring before a decision that will likely come next fall," according to the News-Gazette. "By any measure, it's a difficult process, with Parker saying he's 'getting a lot of things emotionally' to consider. His college options run from the likes of blue bloods in Kansas, Kentucky, Duke and North Carolina, to Big Ten powers in Michigan State and Ohio State, to as far West as Washington, right back to the homestate schools, which he recently expressed an affinity for, saying he'd like to stay in-state if he finds the right fit."

Parker reportedly spent part of last week visiting BYU. reports that Parker's father, Sonny, says that "new Illinois coach John Groce was welcome to recruit his son, but time was running out."

"Sonny Parker said he and his wife likely will sit down and discuss recruiting with Jabari next week, after he returns from a spring break trip," writes Scott Powers. "They have criteria they're examining with every program."