Political party conventions will be held in April on the county and state level, where delegates will select nominees for their respective parties. 

The following is a list of candidates running for state, legislative and county offices in Davis, Salt Lake and Utah counties, where party conventions will be held April 14. State party conventions will be held April 21.

Attorney General

Andrew McCullough, Libertarian, attorney for McCullough & Associates, LLC

Sean Reyes, Republican, former president of the Utah Minority Bar

John Swallow, Republican, chief deputy attorney general

Dee Smith, Democrat, Weber County attorney

State Auditor

Richard Proctor, Constitution

John Dougall, Republican, State Rep., District 27

Auston Johnson (incumbent), Republican

Mark Sage, Democrat

State Treasurer

Richard Ellis (incumbent), Republican

Vincent Marcus, Libertarian

Christopher Stout, Democrat, founder of SalesTaxSolutions.US

Salt Lake County Mayor

Mark Crockett, Republican

Merrill Cook, Republican

Mike Winder, Republican

Larry Decker, Republican

Ben McAdams, Democrat

Gary Ott, Republican

Ross Romero, Democrat

Richard Snelgrove, Republican

County Council At Large C

Melvin Nimer, Republican

Joseph Demma, Republican

Jim Bradley (incumbent), Democrat

Steve Harmsen, Republican

County Council 4

Paul Nielson, Democrat

Deb Henry, Democrat

Missy Larsen, Republican

Craig Ward, Republican

Jeff Hatch, Democrat

Rainer Huck, Republican

Sam Granato, Democrat

County Council 6

Paul Recanzone, Democrat

Max Burdick (incumbent), Republican

Davis County Commissioner

Steve Anderson, Republican

Platte Evans Clark, Democrat

Mark Jacobs, Republican

John Petroff (incumbent), Republican

Terry Spencer, Republican

Utah County Commission Seat C

Incombent: Larry Ellertson

Larry Ellertson (incumbent), Republican

John Morris, Republican

Larry Hunter, Republican

Larry Ballard, Constitution

Lorne Grierson, Republican

Utah Senate 1

Salt Lake County

Luz Robles (incumbent), Democrat

Chelsea Woodruff, Republican

Utah Senate 6

Salt Lake County

Wayne Harper, Republican

Brandon Baker, Republican

John Rendell, Democrat

Utah Senate 7

Salt Lake County

Deidre Henderson, Republican

Aaron Davis, Democrat

Glen Roberts, Republican

Utah Senate 8

Salt Lake County

Ty McCartney, Democrat

Jaren Davis, Republican

Lee Brinton, Republican

Brian Shiozawa, Republican

Josie Valdez, Democrat

Raymond Poole, Republican

Scott Baker,  Democrat

Utah Senate 10

Salt Lake County

Aaron Osmond, Republican

Aleta Taylor,  Republican

Utah Senate 13

Utah and Tooele Counties

Mark Madsen (incumbent), Republican

Utah Senate 14

Utah County

John Valentine (incumbent), Republican

Craig Frank, Republican

Utah Senate 16

Utah County

Andrew Holmes, Republican

Gregory Duerden, Democrat

Curtis Bramble (incumbent), Republican

Utah Senate 23

Davis County

Breck England, Democrat

Todd Weiler (incumbent), Republican

Lamont Peterson, Republican

Utah Senate 27

Carbon, Emery, Grand, San Juan and Utah Counties

David Hinkins (incumbent), Republican

Stephen Whyte, Republican

Mike Minyon, Democrat

Michael Stansfield, Republican

Utah House 13

Davis County (Clinton, Sunset, West Point, Clearfield)

Bradley Asay, Democrat

Paul Ray (incumbent), Republican

Lorenzo Swank, Republican

Utah House 14

Davis County

Cheryl Phipps, Republican

Curtis Oda (incumbent), Republican

Jon Christensen, Democrat

Justin Clarke, Democrat

Utah House 15

Davis County (Kaysville)

Sherry Tatton, Democrat

Brad Wilson (incumbent), Republican

Gibbs Smith, Democrat

Utah House 16

Davis County (Layton)

Stephen Handy (incumbent), Republican

Kevin Bryan, Liberatarian

Chris Crowder, Republican

Denise Fowler, Democrat

Douglas Sill, Democrat

Utah House 17

Davis County

Stuart Barlow (incumbent), Republican

Bonnie Flint, Democrat

Vic Scott, Democrat

Utah House 18

Davis County

Doug Macdonald, Democrat

Richard Bagley, Democrat

Roger Barrus (incumbent), Republican

Utah House 19

Davis County (Bountiful, Woods Cross)

Lynn Anderson, Democrat

Jim Nielson (incumbent), Republican

Utah House 20

Davis and Salt Lake County (Bountiful, North Salt Lake, Salt Lake City)

Becky Edwards (incumbent), Republican

Daniel Donahue, Democrat

Aaron Nelson, Republican

Utah House 22

Salt Lake County (Magna)

Mark Spute, Republican

Marilee Roose, Constitution

Sarge Froehle, Americans Elect

Susan Duckworth (incumbent), Democrat

Utah House 23

Salt Lake County

Jen Seelig (incumbent), Democrat

Richard Barnes, Republican

Scott Bauer, Libertarian

Utah House 24

Salt Lake County

J.P. Hughes, Republican

Richard Goldberger, Democrat

Rebecca Chavez-Houck (incumbent), Democrat

Utah House 25

Salt Lake and Summit Counties

Sinama Meli, Republican

Joel Briscoe (incumbent), Democrat

Utah House 26

Salt Lake County (central Salt Lake City, part of West Valley City)

Angela Romero, Democrat

Andres Paredes, Republican

Mark Whitaker, Green

Brian Doughty, Democrat

Bryan Farnsworth, Republican

Utah House 27

Utah County (northeast)

Larry Hilton, Republican

Mike Kennedy, Republican

Scott Morgan, Constitution

Sarah Nitta, Republican

Ross Ford, Republican

Utah House 28

Salt Lake County (East Bench, Salt Lake City)

Brian King (incumbent), Democrat

Rick Raile, Republican

Utah House 29

Salt Lake County (West Valley)

Lee Perry, Republican

Heidi Bitton, Democrat

Utah House 30

Salt Lake County (Salt Lake City, central city)

Fred Cox, Republican

Janice Fisher, Democrat

Utah House 31

Salt Lake County (Sugarhouse)

Larry Wiley (incumbent), Democrat

Ryan Jenkins, Republican

Fred Johnson, Republican

Utah House 32

Salt Lake County (West Valley City)

Austin Linford, Republican

Alain Balmanno, Democrat

LaVar Christensen, Republican

Utah House 33

Salt Lake County (West Valley)

Craig Hall, Republican

Ella Duke-Baxter, Republican

Kimly Mangum, Republican

Marlin Baer, Republican

Liz Muniz, Democrat

Neal Hendrickson (incumbent), Democrat

Utah House 34

Salt Lake County

Celina Milner, Democrat

Johnny Anderson (incumbent), Republican

Utah House 35

Salt Lake County (Murray)

Mark Wheatley (incumbent), Democrat

Casey Fitts, Republican

Chelsea Travis, Libertarian

Steve Anderson, Republican

Utah House 36

Salt Lake County

Patrice Arent (incumbent), Democrat

Dana Dickson, Republican

Brady Curtis, Republican

Utah House 37

Salt Lake County (Holladay)

Anne-Marie Lampropoulos, Republican

Carol Spackman Moss (incumbent), Democrat

Utah House 38

Salt Lake County (Kearns)

Elias McGraw, Democrat

Eric Hutchings (incumbent), Republican

Utah House 39

Salt Lake County (Taylorsville)

Barbara Eubanks, Democrat

Jim Dunnigan (incumbent), Republican

Utah House 40

Salt Lake County (Holladay)

Lynn Hemingway (incumbent), Democrat

Lee Howard, Republican

Grace Sperry, Republican

Utah House 41

Salt Lake County (southwest and southeast areas)

Dan McCay, Republican

Chris Balmanno, Democrat

Jason Bible, Republican

Utah House 42

Salt Lake County

John Scott, Republican

Jim Bird (incumbent), Republican

Utah House 43

Salt Lake County (West Jordan)

Earl Tanner, Republican

Peggy Jo Kennett, Republican

Ben Watson, Republican

Jeff Bell, Democrat

Utah House 44

Salt Lake County (Murray)

Christy Achziger, Republican

Tim Cosgrove (incumbent), Democrat

John Jackson, Unaffiliated

Utah House 45

Salt Lake County (Sandy, Cottonwood Heights, Midvale)

Brant Thomsen, Democrat

Gary Forbush, Democrat

Steve Eliason (incumbent), Republican

Utah House 46

Salt Lake County (Cottonwood Heights)

Marie Poulson (incumbent), Democrat

Lee Anne Walker, Republican

William Clayton, Republican

Utah House 47

Salt Lake County (West Jordan)

Ken Ivory (incumbent), Republican

Chase Lantis, Libertarian

Joseph Huey, Democrat

Utah House 48

Salt Lake County (Sandy, Draper)

Dan Hartvigsen, Republican

Steve White, Republican

Taz Murray, Republican

Taylor Oldroyd, Republican

Keven Stratton, Republican

Utah House 49

Salt Lake County

Derek Brown (incumbent), Republican

Mark Quigley, Democrat

Utah House 50

Salt Lake County (South Jordan)

Merlynn Newbold (incumbent), Republican

Billie Larson, Democrat

Russell Hatch, Constitution

Rich Cunningham, Republican

Steve Roberts, Republican

Utah House 51

Salt Lake County (Draper)

Gregory Hughes (incumbent), Republican

Sonja Jorgensen, Democrat

Utah House 52

Salt Lake County (Herriman, Riverton, South Jordan)

Aaron Davis, Unaffiliated

Daniel Paget, Democrat

Dennis Sampson, Republican

Mike Livsey, Republican

Michelle Baguley, Republican

Jewel Skousen, Republican

John Knotwell, Republican

Joseph Ross, Republican

Utah House 56

Utah County (Lehi)

Christy Kane, Republican

Leslie Dalton, Democrat

Kay Christofferson, Republican

Utah House 57

Utah County (Cedar Hills)

Deanne Taylor, Republican

Scott Gygi, Democrat

Brian Greene, Republican

John Stevens, Republican

Utah House 58

Utah County (Orem)

David Parrish, Republican

Spencer Cox, Republican

Utah House 59

Utah County (Orem)

Val Peterson (incumbent), Republican

Bejamin Norton, Constitution

Kenny Barlow, Libertarian

Utah House 60

Utah County (Orem)

Alan Keele, Democrat

Emmanuel Kepas, Democrat

Bradley Daw (incumbent), Republican

Dana Layton, Republican

Jacob Siebach, Republican

Utah House 61

Utah County (Provo)

Robert Patterson, Democrat

Keith Grover (incumbent), Republican

Kirby Snideman, Democrat

Utah House 62

Utah County (Provo)

Austin Anderson, Republican

Michael Heaton, Republican

Brent Holloway, Democrat

Mary Burkett, Republican

Jon Stanard, Republican

Utah House 63

Utah County (Provo)

Dean Sanpei (incumbent), Republican

Utah House 64

Utah County (south-central)

Boyd Petersen, Democrat

Becky Lockhart (incumbent), Republican

Utah House 65

Utah County

Ken Bowers, Constitution

Francis Gibson (incumbent), Republican

Utah House 66

Utah County (Spanish Fork)

Brian Hauglid, Democrat

Carolina Herrin, Republican

Robert Milton, Republican

Mike McKell, Republican

Kyle Roberts, Republican

Utah House 67

Juab, Carbon, Sanpete and Utah Counties

Scott Parkin, Democrat

Keith Mitchell, Republican

Richard Behling, Republican

Jim Griffin, Republican

John Ryan, Republican

Marc Roberts, Republican

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