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"Wisper Hollow," by Carol Warburton.

"WHISPER HOLLOW," by Carol Warburton, Covenant Communications, $16.99, 222 pages (f)

Living a simple life in the Tennessee Smokey Mountains, Tally Spencer seems destined to marry her childhood best friend, Ollie. With the start of the Civil War and the death of her father, Ollie's offer of marriage seems to make the most sense. Tally, however, does not love Ollie and she desperately wants to marry for love and have the kind of marriage her parents enjoyed.

As Tally struggles with her decision, the challenges of caring for her family's land and her ailing mother take their toll. When Tally prays for help with her decision, she is suddenly surprised by an encounter with a new neighbor, Cole Blakely. Cole is a college-educated Yankee from Pennsylvania and unlike any man Tally has met before. When Tally turns to Cole for help with her daily chores, she finds herself attracted to him in way that complicates her life even more.

"Whispering Hollow" is a new novel by Utah author Carol Warburton. It tells the story of a young girl struggling to make important life decisions against the backdrop of the Civil War.

Warburton does a masterful job of weaving a simple story of romance through the intricacies of life in backwoods Tennessee during the Civil War. The daily struggles and conflict faced by her characters feel real and are, at times, almost heartbreaking to endure.

Readers of this book will find an enjoyable romantic story and an even better look at life during a difficult period in U.S. history.

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