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Robert Voets, CBS
Jonas Otsuji, of Lehi, during the sixth episode of "Survivor: One World," on Wednesday, March 21. He was voted out during the seventh episode on March 28.

Utahn Jonas Otsuji was voted off "Survivor: One World" in a nearly unanimous vote Wednesday night and is now the first member of the jury.

"So I came here to go big or go home and I went big and now I'm going home. But, you know, I gave it all I got," Otsuji, a sushi chef from Lehi, said after leaving Tribal Council on Day 20 of the 39-day game. "At least they said I was a good fisherman and a good cook."

The jury members are allowed to attend tribal council and will ultimately decide who gets the $1 million sole "Survivor" prize.

"Well you just voted out somebody whom almost everybody agrees was likable, a provider and was loyal," host Jeff Probst said after the vote was tallied. "That means nobody is safe."

Otsuji was targeted because he was seen as a threat. He was a provider, could cook and had a positive attitude.

Otsjui said in an interview Thursday that since "Survivor: One World" started to air he has been recognized around Lehi. He has gotten a lot of positive reactions, and has mostly been remembered for his alliance with Colton Cumbie, who left the show last week because he had acute appendicitis.

He's been watching the show with people from his neighborhood.

And it has been a bit awkward when those from his Mormon ward have been there and he's let a few swear words fly on camera.

"And it's a little weird when your mom calls you and says, 'Son, wish you wouldn't say those words on national television,'" Otsjui said.

While on the show, Otsjui told the other contestants he was from Hawaii and, having seen other Mormons on past episodes, avoided telling people he was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints so that none of his actions reflected on the church.

At the beginning of the episode Wednesday, cameras showed Otsjui carmelizing young coconut chunks and then adding saltwater at the end of the cooking to make them taste like potato chips, along with explaining the process.

The two tribes merged last episode and the six remaining men and six remaining women were all on the new Tikiano tribe. However, previous alliances from the all-female Salani Tribe and the ties with the men that joined their tribe when the tribes were remixed remained.

Also, Otsuji and Greg "Tarzan" Smith tried to form an alliance with the men, but ended up arguing and not getting along.

The reward challenge, dubbed the turtle challenge, included dividing the group into two teams. They had to dig and crawl under a barrier, then go under a series of ropes and then dig to find four bags of puzzle pieces. Once all four bags were found, two team members put together the turtle puzzle.

It was Otsuji, Smith, Leif Manson, Kim Spradlin, Michael Jefferson and Kat Edorsson on the blue team against Alicia Rosa, Chelsea Meissner, Christina Cha, Jay Byars, Troy "Troyzan" Robertson and Sabrina Thompson on the orange team competing for an afternoon of pizza, drinks and a secret note. Otsuji's team lost the challenge.

The note indicated there was another immunity idol hidden around camp.

The individual immunity challenge included the survivors balancing on a board while trying to keep balls on a large disk held with just one hand. Robertson won immunity and he also found a hidden immunity idol.

"Good luck with that food situation," Otsuji said to the remaining 11 after his torch had been extinguished. He and Manson had both voted for Jefferson.

After getting into the car to go to Ponderosa, he had a sandwich, a bag of chips and ice cold water. Once there, he stuffed himself with drumsticks and side dishes from the buffet. He ended up gaining most of the 12 pounds he lost during his first few days at Ponderosa.

"Flying under the radar can actually put you on the radar," Otsuji said of his strategy. "If I had another chance to play, I would play more proactively."

And instead of fishing so much, he would have spent more time strategizing.

He's been keeping in touch with everyone from the show except Smith and he hopes that Robertson makes it to the end.

"Survivor: One World" airs Wednesdays at 7 p.m. on CBS.

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