Conference infographic: Share this wonderful new infographic depicting the power of conference far and wide. Did you know there are 192,000 live Internet streams? Or that more than a half million households tune into conference on Sunday morning? And there is even a wordle! Click to learn more about the statistics behind conference.

Children’s activities: I completely forgot to highlight these wonderful “Children’s Activities for LDS General Conference” offered by the church. Larry Richman outlines what is available:

A general conference notebook for children to write or draw about conference

Conference squares, consisting of seven cards that encourage children to listen carefully and, when a speaker talks about one of the topics on the card, cover that square

A conference coloring page

Prophets and apostles online matching game

Latter-day prophets online matching game

Check out all these fun activities!

Conference notes: I love this very organized “General Conference Notes Worksheet” produced by Nathan Richardson. He describes it in detail, including this note: “On one side of the worksheet are the 15 apostles, who you can always count on to speak at least once in every general conference. On the reverse are spaces for other general and auxiliary authorities, without pictures because you never know which ones will be speaking.” Click in to download and print this awesome conference resource!

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