WEST VALLEY CITY — City leaders are hoping a traffic signal coordination plan will help improve travel times and reduce vehicle emissions on city streets.

The City Council approved an agreement Tuesday night with Taylorsville-based transportation engineering and planning firm Avenue Consultants to develop and implement traffic signal timing plans.

City transportation officials want to make sure traffic moves safely and efficiently throughout the city, with minimal delays. Unnecessary stops at traffic lights impede the flow of traffic and can result in driver frustration and a potential increase in accidents, they said.

West Valley City officials have identified three primary corridors where traffic signal coordination should be considered: 4100 South, between 1300 West and 6400 West; 3100 South between Redwood Road and 5600 West; and 2700 West, between 4700 South and Parkway Boulevard.

Other streets suggested for consideration are 3200 West, between 4700 South and state Route 201; 4800 West, between 3100 South and 4700 South; and Parkway Boulevard, between Redwood Road and Park Lake Boulevard.

The $60,000 project will take about four months to complete. The city plans to fund the project through the federal Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant program.