LAYTON — The woman's voice came through the 911 phone call soft and slow in a lilting accent.

"Yes, my neighbor is screaming and screaming like she's being murdered," she said. "The little kids are screaming. It's just horrible, absolutely horrible."

The woman called from the Quail Ridge Mobile Home Park March 21 to report that something was wrong. She had heard fights before, but this was different, she told the dispatcher.

"They normally do fight a lot, but this one, I've never heard this before. It sounds like she's being murdered in the back room," the caller said on the dispatch tape released Wednesday.

The woman reported that the screaming stopped. A white car had sped away. A man was in the backyard of the mobile home near 935 East and state Route 193.

What she didn't know was that her neighbor, Kayla Lane, 22, had been shot in the leg and was being driven to the hospital by a friend. The woman's call came to a close as she told dispatchers her husband had gone outside to direct police to the right mobile home.

"Will you find out if she's OK?" she asked, before hanging up.

Brian Harris, 22, who shared the home with Lane and their two young children, was later shot by a Layton police officer. He was transported to the hospital in critical condition. He remained hospitalized Wednesday in fair condition, McKay-Dee Hospital Center spokesman Chris Dallin said.

Police said that soon after arriving at the home, investigators learned that two small children were still inside the residence. Officers surrounded the mobile home and called for the man.

The man did come outside and initially appeared as though he was going to comply with the commands of police, police said. But he soon turned around and started walking back toward the home.

An officer attempted to use a Taser on the man. The first shot missed and the second was determined to be ineffective. Believing the children may be in danger and that Harris may have been trying to get to weapons in the home, a second officer fired several rounds from a handgun and struck the man, police said.

Harris was unarmed when he was shot by police. Investigators said they later found a gun that had been thrown over a fence behind the mobile home.

The children were unharmed. Lane was released from the hospital and later taken to police headquarters for questioning.

The Davis County Sheriff's Office is investigating the officer-involved shooting portion of the investigation.

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