Rachel Argyle looking at the little artifacts that had been found at the Provo Tabernacle excavation, like little things that had fallen through the floorboards of the old building.

For Mormonism: Who Speaks for Mormonism?” So asks and answers blogger Jana Riess in this provocative new post. She explains, “Everyone who has ever been involved in Mormonism, including Tricia Erickson, has some kind of Mormon story. In that sense they — we — can and should speak for Mormonism. We do not speak for the LDS Church, however, and we can't claim expert status merely on the basis of limited involvement and cursory knowledge of Mormonism. Reporters should try to achieve balance (as CNN did by having Mormon scholar Richard Bushman on a panel with Erickson, and as NPR makes a point of doing every day), and Mormon pundits should adopt measures of accountability.” Click in for more!

Tabernacle excavation: What would it be like to take a tour of the Provo “Tabernacle Excavation”? Again, it’s bloggers to the rescue as they detail — through both photos and descriptions — the fun one Primary group had in participating in an official Tabernacle tour. And check out the Provo mayor’s blog post urging all who wish to take part: “If you haven't seen the archaeology dig in the park north of the tabernacle it needs to be on your list of Fun Things To Do in Provo.” Awesome!

Conference resources: I told you there would be more general conference resources popping up through the week. Today, find cute “Free LDS Conference Printables” to decorate your home, or how about a delicious-looking recipe for “French Toast Casserole”? Mmm!

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