SALT LAKE CITY — A woman's father and two brothers, who police say are "Iraqi Mafia" gang members, have been charged with kidnapping for allegedly forcing the woman into a car, and chasing down and assaulting her boyfriend.

Charged in 3rd District Court with domestic violence kidnapping, a second-degree felony, are the victim's father Kalil Kamel Al-Bander, 42, of Salt Lake City, and her brothers, Ahmed Monder Al-Rakabi, 27, of Salt Lake City, and Salah Kalil Al-Banders, 20, of Taylorsville.

The kidnapping victim, Ghufran "Leli" Kahalil Al-Bander, had recently run away from a group home where she had been placed by the Division of Child and Family Services, court documents state. She had been placed in state custody in May 2011 when she was 17 after her family had physically assaulted her when she was six months pregnant in an attempt force her to miscarry, according to charges.

According to police, witnesses saw Leli Al-Bander and her boyfriend, Nico Patino, standing at a bus stop in the area of 3800 South and 900 East, then heard a scream and saw two men forcing the her into the back seat of a gold Hyundai.

Another man driving a white truck pursued Patino, who tried to run away from the oncoming vehicle. The driver of the truck chased Patino down striking him at the knees and leaving him sprawled on the hood of the truck. 

The men in the gold Hyundai were later identified as the woman's father, Kalil Kamel Al-Bander, and her brother Salah Kalil Al-Banders, police say. The driver of the white truck was later identified as her brother Ahmed Monder Al-Rakabi, charges state.

Patino told police that he knew his girlfriend's family, members of the "Iraqi Mafia" gang, were looking for him and he feared for his life, according to court documents.

Salah Kalil Al-Banders is also charged with assault, a class B misdemeanor, in connection with the incident, and Al-Rakabi also is charged with aggravated assault, a third-degree felony.

Ladd Brubaker