Elder Jeffrey R. Holland speaks at Harvard University.

Elder Holland: You may have seen the news that “Harvard Hosts Mormon Apostle as Speaker” and now, thanks to the blogs, you can get an insiders’ view of the event from one of the organizers herself. Learn about what went on behind the scenes in arranging this “Apostolic Visitation” and what prompted this testimony: “Not only did the event reconfirm my faith that God answers prayers (since I had prayed so hard that it would go well), but it also strengthened my belief that God really does call and speak to apostles and prophets in our day. Elder Holland’s topic and on the spot answers to questions could only have been inspired.”

Bible Videos: Two new Bible Videos were just released in preparation for Easter and these are incredibly important and yet hard to watch. First watch “Jesus is Condemned Before Pilate” and then “Jesus is Scourged and Crucified.” I have to admit that I closed my eyes during some of the scourging and the sounds still affected me. Note that there is violence depicted as described in the New Testament. But please share with your family and friends as you deem appropriate

Prophetic sorrow: “The scriptures are filled with examples of prophets who felt a full range of emotion, from grief, anguish and sorrow, to happiness, joy, and I’d even venture to say that Ammon is downright hyper from time to time.” So states this blogger who wonders “What with all the guilt?” She lists prophets (with accompanying scriptures) who felt sorrow and pleads, “don’t feel guilty if you suffer from depression, and know that there is hope.” Click in for the full essay.

Young Women: Did you catch the General Young Women Meeting on Saturday night? Have no fear if not, you can access all the songs and talks at the Mormon Messages playlist: “General Young Women Meeting — March 2012.” And I just marveled at the incredible video showing youth who are willing to “Arise to the Mountain.” This song mashup was just incredibly thrilling to both see and hear. Enjoy!

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