Provided by Davison Cheney
After singing with a men's chorus at general conference, I spent two hours riding a bus home while my son enjoyed ice cream and pizza with a friend.

Editor's note: We asked readers to share their food traditions around the priesthood session of general conference. Click here for more about these traditions.

Our father-son tradition of getting ice cream after priesthood session of general conference changed last fall — one of many changes I am in for at his age.

I was part of the priesthood choir that sang in the Conference Center during the October general conference. So, we improvised. We went out the following week and discussed our favorite talks. The tradition was about our relationship anyway — not where or when we ate.

While I was preparing to sing, my son had asked someone who usually doesn't go to these meetings to attend with him — and he happened to drop in the conversation that he would be going to "such and such place" for a treat afterward.

Our tradition changed. Dessert, however, was still on me.

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