People starting a new job can get a bigger paycheck even in this economy with some negotiation.

Most people wouldn't mind a bigger paycheck, especially in this economy. Here are some tips on how to negotiate your way to a higher salary, according to Fox Business.

"Once a company has determined that they want a candidate, the person has a lot more leverage than they think," Maria Mann, vice president at Neopost, told Fox Business. "The company doesn't want to go through the hiring process again. Your leverage is your skills and abilitiy to solve the company's problems."

Mann also said "employers expect people will try to negotiate something."

Bigger companies with government contracts or those that are publicly traded usually have more standard benefits that aren't negotiable, according to the article. However, people who won't take part in the company's healthcare plan can request that money be added to their salary, Jolynn Cunningham, talent acquisition manager at Indeed, told Fox Business.

People should avoid talking about salary too soon. "Don't discuss salary before there's anything to discuss," Alex Douzet, president and co-founder at TheLadders, told Fox Business. Potential employees should wait for the company to start wage talks.

"You want them to fall in love with you before you ask for the diamond ring," Cunningham told Fox Business.