LAYTON — A man shot by police earlier this week remained hospitalized Friday in critical condition.

Brian Harris, 22, was shot Wednesday night by a Layton police officer at the Quail Cove Mobile Home Park near 935 East and state Route 193. Officers had responded to the home he shared with 22-year-old Kayla Lane after Lane was shot in the leg and driven by a friend to the hospital.

Harris and Layne lived together with their two young children, according to police.

Officers surrounded the mobile home and called for Harris to come out. He did come outside and initially appeared as though he was going to comply with the commands of police, but instead turned around and started walking back toward the home, according to police.

An officer attempted to use a Taser on the man. The first shot missed and the second was determined to be ineffective.

"Fearing for safety of the children and to stop the suspect from getting back inside the home, where he might have access to weapons, a second officer fired several rounds from a handgun," Lt. Garret Atkin said shortly after the incident.

The man was taken to a local hospital. The man was not holding a weapon when he was shot by police. But Atkin said the officer did not want the man to have the chance to get a weapon if there was one inside.

Investigators later found a gun that had been thrown over a fence behind the mobile home.

No arrests had been made as of Friday. The Davis County Sheriff's Office is investigating the officer-involved shooting portion of the incident.